K.N.E.C.T. - Kingdom Network Empowering Christians Together

What Is KNECT?
Kingdom Network Empowering Christians Together

Who Are We?
We are a network of relational churches and ministries working with church planters, pastors and five-fold gifts, church leaders, and churches in transition to provide support, guidance and resources to launch and grow life-giving churches.
-Establish a network of ministries in order to grow spiritually, share information and resources, and effectively develop productive relationships and fellowship.
-Inspire ministries to operate in integrity, excellence, and increase in influence.
-Provide information, inspiration, and training for 5-fold gifts, ministry leaders, and lay members in order to maximize effectiveness and realize our full potential in ministry and the world at large
We are not a denomination, nor are we an exclusive organization.  You will never be asked to change the name of your church, alter the vision of your ministry, or sever other ministry relationships to be a part of this network. We are a network of ministries oriented towards support, inspiration, information and resource sharing, impartation, and fellowship.  We are intentionally multi-cultural, interdenominational, and welcome ministries of all sizes.  We are not a network that is driven by titles, but we do however acknowledge and affirm those who do the work of the ministry in excellence, integrity, and demonstrated and anointed leadership.  We also ask for financial partnership, as you are lead, for the work of the ministry and the furtherance of the objectives of the network.  That being said, the network is not intended to draw resources away from the building of your ministry, but we just ask for integrity,  communication, prayerful consideration, and planning. K.N.E.C.T. is about building quality ministry by building quality relationships.
Click Here To View The KNECT Network Bylaws

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